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Get instant access to credit ratings from Creditsafe, through the Lasso API.

If not already included in your solution, this API requires the Creditsafe addon

Contact Lasso X at or +45 7174 7812 for information

Getting a credit rating for a company

To get the latest credit rating for a company, you will need the CVR number of said company. The API returns the current and previous credit rating, and for the current rating also a corresponding credit maximum and currency.

A URL for the corresponding pdf can be found in the field pdfUrl.

The below endpoint will return both the credit score and credit report in PDF format.

    "current": {
        "creditMax": 1000000.0,
        "creditCurrency": "DKK",
        "internationalScore": "B",
        "internationalDescription": "Low",
        "localScore": 58,
        "localDescription": "Low Risk"
    "previous": {
        "creditMax": null,
        "creditCurrency": null,
        "internationalScore": "B",
        "internationalDescription": "Low Risk",
        "localScore": 59,
        "localDescription": "Low Risk"
    "latestChange": "2022-09-30T13:44:01Z",
    "pdfUrl": ""


Responses are cached for your organization for 24 hours, meaning that you will be able to access a credit rating for 24 hours, without ever spending more than 1 credit on it (see below). If however you wish to skip the cache, this is done by setting the skipCache parameter to true

Rate limiting and credits

Fetching a credit rating may take some time, depending of whether the credit rating is available from Creditsafe right away, or if it must be recalculated. Expect anything from 5 to 45 seconds for a response.

According to your Lasso subscription, this endpoint may be limited to a certain number of credits. Fetching a credit rating will in such case cost 1 credit. A cache is in place to limit this to 1 credit per company per 24 hours. See above section about caching.