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With the Lasso integration to HubSpot, you can export contacts from Lasso, and keep them updated automatically with data from CVR. Using HubSpot's Webhooks, you are able to create contacts directly in HubSpot, but still have Lasso enrich and update them when they are updated in CVR.

Update contacts not coming from Lasso

Even though you can send contacts directly from Lasso to HubSpot, you might still want to create contacts in HubSpot itself, or send contacts to HubSpot from other sources. No matter the scenario, you can still have Lasso keep them updated. It's almost magical!

How does it work?

Lasso will listen to changes in a custom field in HubSpot called cvr (you will have to create the field). When a valid CVR number is entered in the field and the contact saved, Lasso will immediately update the contact with the company-data associated with the CVR-number (you will have to refresh the page to see the updated data). Lasso will then begin to monitor that company, and keep the contact updated in HubSpot with future changes.

If you change the value of the cvr field to the CVR-number of another company, the updates will be changed accordingly. If the field is cleared or an invalid CVR number is entered, the contact will no longer be updated.

Setting it up

When you authenticate with HubSpot in Lasso, we automatically start listening for changes to a custom field named cvr (lowercase). If you do not already have a field by that name, you need to create a new text-field with that name, and it will work automatically. To change how data is updated, field by field, change the mappings in the integration between Lasso and HubSpot, accessed from the settings area in Lasso.

That's it!