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With the Lasso integration for Pipedrive, you can export contacts from Lasso, and keep them updated automatically with data from CVR. Using Pipedrive's webhooks, you are able to create organizations and deals directly in Pipedrive, but still have Lasso enrich and update them when the data changes.

Our pipedrive integration is simple: By adding the CVR number on a Lead or Organization, information about the company will automatially be added to the Organization, along with potential contacts. All it requires is for you to register your Pipedrive API key, tell us which fields to use for what data, and finally tell Pipedrive to call our webhooks when something is added or updated.

Additionally, we will continue to update the organizations you've created with Lasso when changes occur in CVR (Can be disabled).

How it works

By adding a custom field that can contain a CVR number to Organization, we can automatically fill in your fields with data from Lasso. We allow you to fully customize which fields are updated with which data through mappings, and each time you update the CVR field on an Organization, Lasso will fill out the mapped fields with up-to-date data.

Additionally, a CVR field can be added directly to the Deal entity, which will then be used to create a new Organization with data from Lasso, or to link it to an existing Organization with the same CVR, avoiding duplicate Organizations.

Optionally, information about the management of the company can be mapped, which leads to Organizations being created with links to People for each of the people in the management of the company. Note that people are not unique across Organizations, and duplicates will be created if another organization is imported which contains the same person.

For more information on adding custom fields to your Pipedrive, click here.

Getting Started

In order to enable Lasso in your Pipedrive, you must do three things; Tell us your API Key so we can talk to your system, Map the fields you want to use, and tell Pipedrive how to talk to us through Webhooks.

Registering your API Key

To register your Pipedrive API key with Lasso, go to Account Settings > Integrations > Add Integration and choose Pipedrive. You will be prompted to add your Pipedrive API key. In the same menu, you can specify which fields to map.


The mappings can be configured alongside your API key by going to Account Settings > Integrations > Add Integration.

In order for creation through deals to work, you must map the CVR field on Deal and Organization. In order for Organization updates to function, you must map the CVR field for Organization.

If you want to import direction and management to the Organization as well, you must map fields to Person. Specifically, you must map the name field.

Registering your webhooks

To react to changes in Pipedrive, we need to register webhooks in Pipedrive. You can follow Pipedrive's own guide, or you can simply go to your settings in Pipedrive, and click Webhooks > Create new Webhook.

To minimize the amount of times Pipedrive has to call Lasso, we need to pick the minimum Event Action and Event Object values possible. This means we need to add the same webhook URL for up to five different events (Noted as Event Object.Event Action):

  • Organization.Added: If you want it to work when you add a new Organization.
  • Organization.Updated: If you want it to work when you update an existing Organization.
  • Organization.Deleted: If you want to ensure that we no longer send updates to companies you've deleted.
  • Deal.Added: If you want it to work when you add a new Deal.
  • Deal.Updated: If you want it to work when you update an existing Deal.

Please do not pick * in either field, as this will significantly increase the amount of times Pipedrive calls our servers, and could lead to us disabling your integration.

The Endpoint URL can be found at, but you must include your accessKey in the request, with the accessKey parameter, as in any API request. Click here to find your API key.

In case of errors, the administrators of the lasso organization will receive warnings by email when the integration attempts to run.

That's it; simply register you API key, mappings and your webhooks and you're good to go. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask us.