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The purpose of our integrations with other systems is to import and update copmany data to external systems. That is, our integrations allow you to export companies from Lasso to your system. Should any changes occur to the data, we update the data automatically in your system.

Supported systems

We currently support the following systems systems:


All of our integrations have the same basic functionality, but some systems allow us to provide additional features. Below are the various features that our system supports.

Import data

Allows you to export data from Lasso to your system, using our search mechanisms to find which companies to export. It is also possible to use our monitoring service to continuously export new data to your system when they fulfill some requirements (e.g. 'companies in my city'), as defined by a target group search.

Update data

Allows you to keep your data fresh by automatically sending the new data to your system, based on your field mappings. This requires that the entity in your system is monitored, which anything exported from Lasso will be automatically. If you already have existing data in your system, you can submit those to be monitored if you have a CVR number attached.


Allows you to run a synchronization of the monitoring system so that anything in your system with a valid CVR number is monitored. This is useful if you have an existing system that needs to be monitored. These synchronizations are done by lasso, so contact us for help. You can also upload a list of id's and CVR numbers from your system to ours, to only monitor specific companies.

Auto-fill ('Hurtigopret')

Some systems, though not all, allow us to automagically fill the fields of a company directly in your external system, when you enter a valid CVR number in a chosen field. This will typically require additional setup, which you can read about in the section for the specific integration. The entity you do this with will automatically be held up-to-date afterwards. Systems that support this are:

Duplicate avoidance

All systems have some sort of duplicate detection, which will allow us to not create companies in your external system that are already there (based on CVR number). The specifics of this functionality depends on the system in question.


The configuration is fairly similar for all integrations. Go to Kontoindstillinger, then Integrationer, and click Tilføj Integration to pick your system. You will be met by a prompt for the specific connection info required. Once connected, click Felter to set your mappings. These mappings indicate which fields from Lasso should be mapped to which fields in your external system.

NOTE: The Opdater checkbox indicates that we will update this field when we send you new data, not that we will start monitoring changes to those fields. To decide when to send an update, see Monitoring.

System-specific configuration

The above covers the general use case for our integrations. Some systems have quirks that require special attention, or have setups of 'Autofill' that require specific configuration to work. See your desired systems page for more information.

These sections contain descriptions of our integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, HubSpot,, Zoho CRM, Salesforce and our Custom API Option.


My system is not supported

We are open to adding integrations for most common systems, but usually wait until a couple of customers have shown interest before adding it. Please send integration wishes to As an additional option, you can use our Custom API integration to obtain the export and update functionality for any system.