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Webhooks are used to return data when something happens, such as a change in a company in the CVR registry, or the completion of a report.

Whats in the payload?

The payload of the webhook is entirely dependent on the module in which it is used. Refer to the individual documentation below for further information.

Webhook Authentication

If your webhook requires authentication, it can be set up during webhook configuration. If you register the webhook programmatically, the JSON for a webhook config is of the format:

    "Method": "Header",
    "Key": "MyAuthHeader",
    "Value": "AuthKey"

The following authentication methods are supported:

  • Header: A HTTP Header with a header key and a header value.
  • BasicAuth: Uses the Authorization header, with key:UserName, value:password
  • Kerberos: Uses username and password with optional domain to auth with Kerberos. Key: domain@username and Value:password. Called with ImpersonationLevel: None, Preauthenticate: true, KeepAlive: true and AuthenticationLevel: MutualAuthRequested.

Available webhooks

Lasso can send various types of data to your webhooks:

  • Overvågning: Receive notifications when changes are made in the CVR registry.
  • Rapportering: Receive notifications when a report is created.