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Network (Netværk)

The Network API allows you to get a person's professional network. The network consists of those people to which the person is connected to through companies in CVR.

For instance, if the person Peter Larsen is in the board of a company in which Mogens Jensen is CEO, Mogens will be in Peter's network. A person is still in one's network if the relation is no longer active, e.g. if the company is closed.

A relation to a person in the network consists of one or more "overlaps", meaning the time in which they were both connected to the company through their roles in CVR.

All of the above is available using the Network API.

Getting a person's network

You must know the Lasso Id for this person, e.g. by getting the people of a company.

The result is a JSON array containing a list of the people in the network. For each person, a list of companyRelation is available, each containing where and when the two people had overlapping roles.

        "name": "Mogens Jensen",
        "unitNo": 9087654321,
        "companyRelation": [
                "companyName": "Selskabet ApS",
                "cvr": 12332112,
                "status": "ophørt",
                "currentRoles": [],
                "overlaps": [
                        "from": "2012-11-01T00:00:00",
                        "to": "2013-06-17T00:00:00",
                        "theirRoles": [
                            "Administrerende direktør"
                        "ownRoles": [